About Modis Therapeutics

Bringing disease-modifying therapies to patients with rare genetic diseases

Modis Therapeutics was formed in 2016 through a collaboration with academic experts in mitochondrial biology to develop disease-modifying therapies for rare genetic diseases. We completed a series A financing in March of 2018 with investments from F-Prime Capital Partners, OrbiMed, Aceras Life Sciences, and Osage University Partners. The company has assembled a management team with deep experience in the development of high-impact products for serious diseases at leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Modis is a dedicated team, passionate about bringing novel therapies to patients with uncommon diseases.

Our lead product, MT1621, a deoxynucleoside combination therapy, is in development for an inherited mitochondrial disorder, thymidine kinase 2 deficiency (TK2d). Pre-clinical and initial clinical data from studies with deoxynucleoside combination therapy suggest that it may meaningfully alter the course of disease in patients with TK2 deficiency. Modis has exclusively licensed worldwide rights to data and intellectual property related to a broad range of mtDNA depletion disorders from its academic collaborators. Modis is advancing discussions with the FDA and EMA on the regulatory path to approval for MT1621. The company is planning to conduct additional clinical studies with the goal of obtaining regulatory approval to make MT1621 available to patients globally.